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July, 2006:

The (Candy) Bar!

Well, it is over. Thats one wonderful, beautiful, happy thing I can say. All-in-all, I feel pretty good about zee bar, but I can’t help but remember, even three days later, things I should have put down, for example, in the essays. I still have a fairly good feeling that I passed or likely passed, but one can never be totally sure. I’ve been stung, once before, by the probable passage of a test. I did not intend to get my hopes up again. So, I’ll probably only feel like its all behind me once my moral character eval comes down and I get my passing bar letter in the mail.

I hope all were well in the last 8 weeks or so (or more if you count finals) since I’ve been out of comission, pretty much. It’s really surreal, returning to one’s life after weeks of absence from it, if that makes sense. I’ve gotten to play some Civilization IV, which is fun. I knew it would be… but geez, those games take a long time to finish. Oh well, we’ll give it a go for a few days more. I start work in two… I don’t know what kinda free time I’ll have after that. Goodness… I need to call my boss. I’ve got to round up some work!

Dum dum dum…

It’s here. Say a little prayer for me. See you all in about three days.

Today, After Lunch…

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Shout

So, worked on torts today. I learned:

Malicious Prosecution

  1. Instigation of Proceedings against Plaintiff
  2. Conclusion of those Proceedings with a verdict for Plaintiff
  3. Assertion of those claims for an “Improper Purpose”
  4. No “Probable Cause” for the assertion of those claims
  5. Damages (to Plaintiff)


Abuse of Process

  1. Use of process for an ulterior purpose
  2. Substantial act or threat of the use of process for that ulterior purpose

Those are some super-rarely-tested causes of action that I spent the afternoon working toward memorizing. I think I got them.

Next, I did three more essays (did three last night). I was pulling them from the February 2004 Bar Exam. So, questions 4-6. The first question was a tough one. It was a property/contracts question. I got everything but learned that a lease can create a convenant that “runs with the land.” The requirements for any covenant to run with the land are (WITHN):

  1. Writing
  2. Intent
  3. Touch and Concern
  4. Horizontal and Vertical Privity
  5. Notice

Incidentally, an equitable servitude requires less (WINT):

  1. Writing
  2. Intent
  3. Notice
  4. Touch and Concern

So I missed that issue… unfortunately, but I had about 15 other things I thought of… aside from that.

The next two essays were Constitutional Law (Federalism and Standing) and Civil Procedure (Personal Jurisdiction, Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Supplimental Jurisdiction with some subheadings on Joinder and Counterclaims). I straight up ROCKED those questions. Awesome! I’m beginning to feel pretty good about this stuff.

If I can make it through this wrist pain… and type for 6 hours a day in a few weeks, I’ll survive this bar yet. So, here’s to hoping.

So, having done Torts and three extra essays for the day, I’m feeling pretty good. I might even take the night off and do something fun!


Thats about all I have to say about that.

Weezer – Make Believe – Peace

All these problems on my mind
Make it hard for me to think
There is no way I can stop
My poor brain is gonna’ pop
And I don’t have a purpose
Scattered on the surface
I need to find some peace

And all the broken tethers
We can bring together
I need to find some peace

I need to find some peace
I need to find some peace

Remember the Time (We Fell in Love)

I’m back. It was a long week. Study, more study and a little bit of study. Then, I played some. I’ve been watching this series on the History Channel late at night on the American Revolution. Its been pretty fascinating. It sounds like George Washington was not doing so well before the winter at Valley Forge, PA. He’d lost the Capital of Philadelphia to Howe, while another guy up North had stopped and defeated a 4000 person army along the Hudson. Anyway, its been a nice distraction from the studying, while I’m ready to doze off to sleep.

I finally got to talk to mum and pop together yesterday. It’d been a while. Sounds like they are doing well, thankfully.

As for the studying, well, I’m tackling one subject at a time, now, until the bar is over. The Barbri classes have officially ended, I just have additional studying queued until the day of the bar. So, today’s topic is “Corporations.” I did some multistate questions this morning before lunch and now I’m reading through my Corporations outline before I attempt a few Corporations essays. Late this afternoon, I’ll probably tackle another whole bar, 6 essays, and then do something different. I might try and run tonight. I’ve felt rather under the weather the last few days and haven’t gotten to go on my usual runs. I’m feeling pretty well today, so I think its a go. We’ll see.

Bar Preparation – Are You as Tired of These Topics as I Am?

Today was church, then studying. Actually, it was studying, church, more studying, play a bit, talk to Heidi, more studying. Now, I’m obviously, writing and I will likely take a break to play a bit. So, it’s been a good day. Bright and early does it. I was up at 7:20 today, waitin around for Heidi to come and pick me up. I then studied for about an hour before iglesia, then studied for probably another four hours this afternoon. I like it. Long story short, I think I have Civil Procedure essays down. I missed one topic, forum non conveniens on the “turn in” essay.

Enough of that malarky. Lets talk about something else. Well, there isn’t anything else… I don’t think. Lets see… How about, this: Old, I know.

Canon in D – Con Carne

Saw this some time ago, figured I’d share it. Have a look, if you care.