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Munchhausen By Proxy

Okay, so I love Zooey Deschanel.  Case in point:


The short version is she has style, intelligence and is ridiculously cute.  So, she was in Yes Man with Jim Carey this winter.  I thought it was great fun.  Her “pretend” band Munchausen By Proxy has several songs in the movie I recently purchased on iTunes simply because they are hilarious.

The first is “Sweet Ballad” embedded below.

The second is “Uh-Huh” the lyrics of which are reproduced below:

I should have been the one to break up with you
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I wanna snap your neck and spit on you.
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
If I got a call and said you were dead
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I’d shrug my shoulders and I say what-ev
You said, Who are you? Who are you?

Hey have we met before? Oh yeah I think we have
Because we only dated for four and a half years
No big deal, I’ve only witnessed you sitting on the couch
Watching Next in your undies,
But its cool that you act like you have no idea who I am.

I saw you Amoeba records last night
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
You straighten your hair and had a henna tatto
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I wanna shove your face just shove it.
You said, Who are you? Who are you?

My mother thinks youre in the closet
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
Its so weird because when we used to go out you never even liked the TJ wantons
And now we have to drive all the way to marvista or some stupid place and eat
Some stupid butter-nut squash raviolli or something because you took the last bag like some
immature little clown.

I saw you Thursday at the Arclight
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I was on a date you ruined my night
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I saw you shopping at the trader just
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I see you everywhere it really blows.
You said, Who are you? Who are you?

Hey, did you ever meet my friend Ian?
He’s a coumputer hacker.
He helped me erase your Myspace page,
And your band’s Myspace page,
And your Facebook page.
Happy networking asshole.

So remember all the stuff you forgot
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
After you just bought.
You said, Who are you? Who are you?
I’d like to see the look on your greasy face.
You said, Who are you? Who are you?

It sold for sixteen hundy on eBay?
He said, I know you. I know you.

One of the reasons I like the movie is that it is very “LA.”  They openly mock the middle of the country (from which I am from, thank you very much), there are a number of prime LA locations in the film (such as SpaceLand, the Griffith Observatory and Downtown LA).  Obviously, a few others are mentioned (and linked) in the song above.

If you’re not from LA, you mght not really appreciate those lyrics, but if you’ve lived here a while, you get the picture that the singer (and her ex) is a bit of a hipster around LA.  TJ’s (Trader Joes), Amoeba Music and Arclight (perhaps the Arclight least) are demonstrative of a hipster lifestyle.  Anyway, its very nice color on the backdrop of Zooey’s character as you are meeting her, essentially, for the second time.  You learn alot about her if you are paying attention during the songs without exposition.  That is always nice in a film.

Anyway, I found the music funny and somewhat sound-nice-ish.  So, I thought I’d share.

Papillon Parade

I just really liked this image after listening to Masterfade by Andrew Bird.

Papillion Parade

Nathaniel and Daffyd


I’m not really much of a fan of American Idol.  Though, my roommate Ricky loves it.  Each time I’ve seen the constestant Nathaniel Marshall, I’ve been subtly reminded of the Little Britain character Daffyd, the self-pronounced “Only Gay in the Village.”  Nathaniel just seems to be trying way too hard.  Piercings, odd clothing, ear-studs, headbands, tattoos and a downright boisterous personality.  I’m just saying there’s a resemblance between the two.

Gibson SG

So, I picked my guitar last night after probably over a year.  It was nice to realize that I still have very aspect of “Say it Ain’t So” and “Everlong” memorized.  I even took the time to learn a new song.  Oh, I’ve missed my guitar.


Perhaps more interesting was my distant, nostalgia about “Everlong.”  I hope to be there someday about… honestly… so many things.  It gave me hope.  I am also reminded of “The Longest Winter” every other day or so and how I felt after Melissa broke me down and ended me emotionally for about a year or so.  I hopt that’s not where I am, though, here it is 7 months later and I’m still a mess.   Time will heal all things, I suppose.  Waiting on hope…

Cloud Neon


My mother, predictably, seems to like the pictures I take with my iPhone.  Apparently I set up her picasaweb / google email address to notify her when I upload new pictures automatically.  So, now, every time I upload a new one, I get an email from her talking about them.  I can’t even remember what I uploaded last, most times.  Anyway, this is one of the cooler ones I took the other day.  I thought I’d share it here.

Andrew Bird

I attended the Andrew Bird show on Wednesday evening.  It was a really great time.  Their opener was a banimg_0911d called Lonely, Dear who was also awesome.  I’m not quite sure how to describe the opener.  They are from Sweden and used strange noises in harmony to great effect.  I couldn’t tell much about the lyrics, but they sounded very cool and original.  I am beginning to appreciate hip, original music all the more lately.  The classic four-man rock band seeming a bit overdone, if that makes sense.

The crowd was…excellent.  I saw more girls that I was attracted to in one location than I think I have ever seen.  Basically, they were hip without overdoing it and cute without trying types.  Curly hair, thoughtful eyes, many pairs of horn-rim glasses.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself in that context.  I sat next to this terribly cute couple.  They were probably five years older than me or so.  The woman was pregnant and the guy looked like a more athletic version of me…predictably, in five years.  Anyway, we chatted a good chunk of the time music wasn’t being played.  Seems her brother-in-law is considering becoming a patent attorney, so we chatted about that a bit.img_0914

The Orpheum Theatre was also impressive. The venue is, obviously, very old.  Though, the interior appears to have been completely redone in the last several years.  It was a small, acoustically-pleasing venue.  There are at least two bars, the original from the 30s or so and a newer bar upstairs that included a huge wall-projection of the stage along with suitable sound system so if you step out for a drink you don’t miss a minute of the show or music.  I look forward to the chance to return to the venue for other shows in the future!

Andrew was predictably amazing.  I always appreciate watching and listening to a musician who is good at his craft.  Andrew is that and creates interesting music as well.  Often, the “best” music is also the most predictable, boring or… overstated, shall we say.  He is an excellent lyricist, whistler and violinist.  It makes for an unusual (see above) combination.  He brings it all together so well.  He used a serious amount of looping his own whistling, violin and voice.  He also used a strange spinning speaker-system (seen in the picture below) to add a Doppler effect to much of the looped sound.  All this showmanship came off with appropriate humility and aplomb.  Anyway, it was one of the more fun shows for me in a while.


Skate or Die 2

So, someone purchased me a wonderful skateboard for my birthday last year.  It was the first skateboard I’ve had since Tony Hawk signed mine sometime during junior year (1997) of high school and I quit riding it… cause it had a Tony Hawk signature on it!  Anyway, I had some good fun last summer cruising around on my little board.  I had some jumbo wheels and crazy-fast bearings.

My New Board

Deep inside, I wanted a longboard.  So, in a fit of desperation… while somewhat depressed about things I cannot disclose for fear of violating my ethical duties to my clients… I purchased a new longboard from Arbor Skateboards in Venice.  Local boys make good sorta dealio.  Basically, I gather this company started with a theme of “green” renewable resource boards and has now grown much larger than they expected.  As an added bonus, I got a sweet, super-soft bamboo fabric shirt.  Here’s a sweet picture of me (not really) in the shirt:


Anyway, I haven’t gotten to ride it much yet, but I have tried it out… Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a little time to play.


Night Running

I’ve been running again.  Its been about 4 or 5 years since I really ran with any regularity.  I bought some new shoes, I downloaded some new music.  It has been nice to get back into it again.  Just tonight, I ran 4 miles without stopping.  I’ve only been running about 2 months and, for me, thats not small feat.  The uphill fight back up from the “beach” in Santa Monica is tough.  Its not much of a hill, but its steady and I run the many blocks up to my home at the same pace I ran down the hill.


Anyway, something got a hold of me tonight and I just decided to take my run down to the ocean and, unusually, all along Ocean Avenue to Channel and back in Palisades Park.  The moon was the tiniest, orange sliver of a smile.  When I was a kid (OK, I lie, I did, tonight), I would have called it a “Cheshire Cat Smile” moon.  Except it was crazy, orange ish, hovering just over the Pacific Ocean.  It actually kinda looked like the cover of the new music I bought (see below), only orange.  It made me happy.  On the way back, I watched the new Santa Monica Ferris Wheel spinning and lighting.  That was nice too.  Sort of the comparison between one of my favorite God-made things with a very pretty man-made thing.  One North, one South just above Pacific Coast Highway.  I wish I had pictures of both to post, but I only had my iPod.  Anyway, I think those beautiful things helped keep me going.

Band of Horses

Now, I’m going to go downstairs and watch Venture Bros. on Adult Swim.  Woo!

Venture Bros.

High School Reunion

So, I had my high school reunion last weekend. Yes, I realize that’s almost a week ago. Summation: it was really fun!

Somehow once you are out of all of that angst and hormonalness… Those people you once knew really are pretty great people. I know, for me at least, the reunion was much better than the average day at high school.

I stashed what few pics I have on Picasweb.


Work isn’t so bad…

So yeah, I had a slow month for billables.  That made work seem quite a bit better than I felt a few weeks ago.  Though, I’m sure I’ll regret it later.  We had a nice shin-dig at a partners house a week or so ago.  That was a good time.  I find that I tend to hate social situations until I am in them at which point I absolutely love them.  I gotta figure that out someday.  Anyway, here’s a pretty picture I took outside work one night late ish.

In other news, I had to take a trip home (hence the billables issue) this month.  I got to visit a Sonic (only in the airport).  I was, nonetheless, pleased.  I miss home.  Its always good to see my parents and say hey.  It was also a bit odd to “meet” my uncle’s children.  I don’t recall ever meeting them before, at least the vast majority of them.

Anyway, it was as pleasant a trip home as such trips can be.