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Skate or Die 2

So, someone purchased me a wonderful skateboard for my birthday last year.  It was the first skateboard I’ve had since Tony Hawk signed mine sometime during junior year (1997) of high school and I quit riding it… cause it had a Tony Hawk signature on it!  Anyway, I had some good fun last summer cruising around on my little board.  I had some jumbo wheels and crazy-fast bearings.

My New Board

Deep inside, I wanted a longboard.  So, in a fit of desperation… while somewhat depressed about things I cannot disclose for fear of violating my ethical duties to my clients… I purchased a new longboard from Arbor Skateboards in Venice.  Local boys make good sorta dealio.  Basically, I gather this company started with a theme of “green” renewable resource boards and has now grown much larger than they expected.  As an added bonus, I got a sweet, super-soft bamboo fabric shirt.  Here’s a sweet picture of me (not really) in the shirt:


Anyway, I haven’t gotten to ride it much yet, but I have tried it out… Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a little time to play.