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Venture Bros.

Venture Bros.

Am I the only one who likes this show?  One of my roommates suggests that its funny, but doesn’t really go out of his way to watch.  Another downright mocks me for being 29 (nearly) and watching a “cartoon.”  Well, I think its great.  I’d like to teach the world to … like Venture Bros.  Anyway, the new season has started, finally!  I’m so excited (for it to come out on DVD, of course).

While raving about this show, I happened to find this blog.  Its the LiveJournal page of Jackson Publick, one of the co-writers of the show.  I’m distinctly of the opinion that that name is, obviously, not his real name.  Nonetheless, I’ve used the blog to follow the production of the third season.  Its been kinda cool.

Word, Homie…

Canon in D – Con Carne

Saw this some time ago, figured I’d share it. Have a look, if you care.