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The (Candy) Bar!

Well, it is over. Thats one wonderful, beautiful, happy thing I can say. All-in-all, I feel pretty good about zee bar, but I can’t help but remember, even three days later, things I should have put down, for example, in the essays. I still have a fairly good feeling that I passed or likely passed, but one can never be totally sure. I’ve been stung, once before, by the probable passage of a test. I did not intend to get my hopes up again. So, I’ll probably only feel like its all behind me once my moral character eval comes down and I get my passing bar letter in the mail.

I hope all were well in the last 8 weeks or so (or more if you count finals) since I’ve been out of comission, pretty much. It’s really surreal, returning to one’s life after weeks of absence from it, if that makes sense. I’ve gotten to play some Civilization IV, which is fun. I knew it would be… but geez, those games take a long time to finish. Oh well, we’ll give it a go for a few days more. I start work in two… I don’t know what kinda free time I’ll have after that. Goodness… I need to call my boss. I’ve got to round up some work!

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