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Baby Blues!

I like BBQ. If you’re interested in some of the best BBQ in LA, you should hit up Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln in Venice, CA.  I used to visit this place fairly often and haven’t been in a bit, but its some dang good Mephis-style BBQ.  Try the stewwed okra.  I don’t even like… anything… stewwed and I love it.  Just take my word for it and hit this place up.

I like Legend of Zelda

Lieberman Loses

As you can see here, Lieberman has just lost his democratic primary.  I’m not sure what to think about that.  I think I’m a Lieberman fan, just to be perfectly honest with you before we start.  I see this loss more as a matter of a group of annoyed people being able to oust a 3rd-term senator.

As I discussed with some co-workers today, Lieberman should represent his constituents, thats certainly his job.  I am not from Connecticut, but I would call Lieberman a good senator, perhaps one of the better senators.  In my mind, a great representative is one not subject to a single party or a single agenda.  A good representative is one who operates from his feelings or real beliefs on a given issue, not upon some set guidlines as to what is and is not acceptable for a party.  But, this comes from a guy who tends to think party-lines are largely arbitrary.  Who says you have to be a religious zealot, abortion hater, etc, etc to be a Republican?  Who says you have to be pro-labor, pro-civil rights to be a Democrat?

We all are complicated people with complicated views.  It’s the job of the politicians to find what is important to us, not our job to believe all that they think is right actually is.

So, some unknown won the democratic primary in Connecticut.  If he represents his constituents, so be it.  If, on the other hand, it is as it feels to me, some angry people backlashing against their fairly competent and legitimate representative, then this is a sad, sad day.  So, you got a guy who theoretically feels as you feel about the Iraq war?  What did you lose to gain that?  What legitimacy in a modern compromise-necessary government did you foster?
Assuming he wins, he probably will, he’ll represent the far left of the democrats and be largely irrelevant in his coming term.  On the other hand, if Lieberman were elected, he’d ride the middle of the road, being a swing vote in virtually every issue, making your state and his vote relevant.  You do know how states “get” things right?  Oh, I dunno, like that submarine base that wasn’t closed in Connecticut last year?

It’s your choice.  I’m glad you did as you pleased and I hope he represents Connecticut’s voters more effectively.  I think, unfortunately, you’ve made a mistake for your state and managed to marginalize yourselves in the larger political process.

Bored with Domain Names

So, Heidi and I did end up setting up a few of her domain names.  We were bored and easily entertained.  Check it out:



I’m not sure what she wants to do with them, eventually, but for now they make funny little sites to look at. 

I had a nice weekend.  Going to play some Civ with James tomorrow and life seems pretty good to me.

Dreamhost + WordPress = Fun!

So, I had that Blogger.com blog set up to upload to my own site via FTP. It was pretty sweet, I must say, but I was hankering for a more “robust” shall we say, hosting and blogging opportunity. Who knows if I’ll continue to keep typing here. I don’t know if I’m the type to do this sorta thing anyway, but either way, I have a nice hosted website with multiple options for what to do with it now.  I was up all night, almost, fiddling with stuff, but its alot of fun for a wierdo like me.
In other news, I’m hoping to help Heidi set up a few sites today. She’s got a few domains parked, so they might as well be hosted, right? I know she has some fun ones, so we’ll see if we can’t set up a blog for her or maybe something else if she’d prefer.

First week of work went well. It was tough making much billable with Mike out of town. He’s the primary source of my work and I pounded through the things that were due soon. Most of them still require his approval, so he’ll have a pile of stuff to look at when he gets back. He’s enjoying the World Championship of Poker in Vegas. Apparently he’s doing very well. I guess I’ll have to hear all about it when he gets back.

Until next time…

Day One

I’ve started work. It’s not really that big a deal. I’ve worked there for almost three years now. I’m used to it. 😉 Trying to get my billable hours every day will be trying, but I’m determined to do as well as I can.

In other news, I already have free time! Whoo hoo! I’m going to play a bit with friends and… uh, not do homework. It’s crazy!

The (Candy) Bar!

Well, it is over. Thats one wonderful, beautiful, happy thing I can say. All-in-all, I feel pretty good about zee bar, but I can’t help but remember, even three days later, things I should have put down, for example, in the essays. I still have a fairly good feeling that I passed or likely passed, but one can never be totally sure. I’ve been stung, once before, by the probable passage of a test. I did not intend to get my hopes up again. So, I’ll probably only feel like its all behind me once my moral character eval comes down and I get my passing bar letter in the mail.

I hope all were well in the last 8 weeks or so (or more if you count finals) since I’ve been out of comission, pretty much. It’s really surreal, returning to one’s life after weeks of absence from it, if that makes sense. I’ve gotten to play some Civilization IV, which is fun. I knew it would be… but geez, those games take a long time to finish. Oh well, we’ll give it a go for a few days more. I start work in two… I don’t know what kinda free time I’ll have after that. Goodness… I need to call my boss. I’ve got to round up some work!

Dum dum dum…

It’s here. Say a little prayer for me. See you all in about three days.

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Shout

So, worked on torts today. I learned:

Malicious Prosecution

  1. Instigation of Proceedings against Plaintiff
  2. Conclusion of those Proceedings with a verdict for Plaintiff
  3. Assertion of those claims for an “Improper Purpose”
  4. No “Probable Cause” for the assertion of those claims
  5. Damages (to Plaintiff)


Abuse of Process

  1. Use of process for an ulterior purpose
  2. Substantial act or threat of the use of process for that ulterior purpose

Those are some super-rarely-tested causes of action that I spent the afternoon working toward memorizing. I think I got them.

Next, I did three more essays (did three last night). I was pulling them from the February 2004 Bar Exam. So, questions 4-6. The first question was a tough one. It was a property/contracts question. I got everything but learned that a lease can create a convenant that “runs with the land.” The requirements for any covenant to run with the land are (WITHN):

  1. Writing
  2. Intent
  3. Touch and Concern
  4. Horizontal and Vertical Privity
  5. Notice

Incidentally, an equitable servitude requires less (WINT):

  1. Writing
  2. Intent
  3. Notice
  4. Touch and Concern

So I missed that issue… unfortunately, but I had about 15 other things I thought of… aside from that.

The next two essays were Constitutional Law (Federalism and Standing) and Civil Procedure (Personal Jurisdiction, Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Supplimental Jurisdiction with some subheadings on Joinder and Counterclaims). I straight up ROCKED those questions. Awesome! I’m beginning to feel pretty good about this stuff.

If I can make it through this wrist pain… and type for 6 hours a day in a few weeks, I’ll survive this bar yet. So, here’s to hoping.

So, having done Torts and three extra essays for the day, I’m feeling pretty good. I might even take the night off and do something fun!

Remember the Time (We Fell in Love)

I’m back. It was a long week. Study, more study and a little bit of study. Then, I played some. I’ve been watching this series on the History Channel late at night on the American Revolution. Its been pretty fascinating. It sounds like George Washington was not doing so well before the winter at Valley Forge, PA. He’d lost the Capital of Philadelphia to Howe, while another guy up North had stopped and defeated a 4000 person army along the Hudson. Anyway, its been a nice distraction from the studying, while I’m ready to doze off to sleep.

I finally got to talk to mum and pop together yesterday. It’d been a while. Sounds like they are doing well, thankfully.

As for the studying, well, I’m tackling one subject at a time, now, until the bar is over. The Barbri classes have officially ended, I just have additional studying queued until the day of the bar. So, today’s topic is “Corporations.” I did some multistate questions this morning before lunch and now I’m reading through my Corporations outline before I attempt a few Corporations essays. Late this afternoon, I’ll probably tackle another whole bar, 6 essays, and then do something different. I might try and run tonight. I’ve felt rather under the weather the last few days and haven’t gotten to go on my usual runs. I’m feeling pretty well today, so I think its a go. We’ll see.