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July, 2022:

Take me Home…

Mountain Man

Archery, lake Olympics.

Lake O’Woods

Little Dane

A long time ago (1996, I think).

Karate w/Bustos

Tiger, rawr.

Weird Thai bar near the Echoplex…

Ka-ra-te (Karate)

More Cole’s French Dip.

Cole’s (??) French Dip

Is that a deer head?!

The lights have words…

Time for some Dodger Baseball

Yeah boi.

Santa Monica (Again)


Random Bits from the Last Week



Feeling Real.

Fun to see Bustos.

This cupcake was fantastic.

Client products are my favorite.

I hope this is true.

Living my best beard.

Saturday in July


Matilija Trail

The trail back.

Tired puppy

I would like one green buffalo please in exchange for my brown own. Thanks!

Main in Santa Monica

Westside is the best side.

Visiting clients.