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August, 2006:

I like Legend of Zelda

Lieberman Loses

As you can see here, Lieberman has just lost his democratic primary.  I’m not sure what to think about that.  I think I’m a Lieberman fan, just to be perfectly honest with you before we start.  I see this loss more as a matter of a group of annoyed people being able to oust a 3rd-term senator.

As I discussed with some co-workers today, Lieberman should represent his constituents, thats certainly his job.  I am not from Connecticut, but I would call Lieberman a good senator, perhaps one of the better senators.  In my mind, a great representative is one not subject to a single party or a single agenda.  A good representative is one who operates from his feelings or real beliefs on a given issue, not upon some set guidlines as to what is and is not acceptable for a party.  But, this comes from a guy who tends to think party-lines are largely arbitrary.  Who says you have to be a religious zealot, abortion hater, etc, etc to be a Republican?  Who says you have to be pro-labor, pro-civil rights to be a Democrat?

We all are complicated people with complicated views.  It’s the job of the politicians to find what is important to us, not our job to believe all that they think is right actually is.

So, some unknown won the democratic primary in Connecticut.  If he represents his constituents, so be it.  If, on the other hand, it is as it feels to me, some angry people backlashing against their fairly competent and legitimate representative, then this is a sad, sad day.  So, you got a guy who theoretically feels as you feel about the Iraq war?  What did you lose to gain that?  What legitimacy in a modern compromise-necessary government did you foster?
Assuming he wins, he probably will, he’ll represent the far left of the democrats and be largely irrelevant in his coming term.  On the other hand, if Lieberman were elected, he’d ride the middle of the road, being a swing vote in virtually every issue, making your state and his vote relevant.  You do know how states “get” things right?  Oh, I dunno, like that submarine base that wasn’t closed in Connecticut last year?

It’s your choice.  I’m glad you did as you pleased and I hope he represents Connecticut’s voters more effectively.  I think, unfortunately, you’ve made a mistake for your state and managed to marginalize yourselves in the larger political process.

Bored with Domain Names

So, Heidi and I did end up setting up a few of her domain names.  We were bored and easily entertained.  Check it out:



I’m not sure what she wants to do with them, eventually, but for now they make funny little sites to look at. 

I had a nice weekend.  Going to play some Civ with James tomorrow and life seems pretty good to me.

Civilization IV

This game is awesome. Civilization IV, the fourth of this name by Sid Meier, is better in every way from Civilization III. I didn’t pick up Civ III until almost a year after it came out. Even then it felt, as one review I read, complicated. Sure, you say, every Civilization game has to be complicated. However, when the complication gets in the way of having a good time playing the game, then its not fun complicated, its just complicated complicated.


The Hanging Garden


Civilization IV appears to be much more streamlined. The workers appear to be more intelligent (if you set the don’t tear up my prior improvements box) and and the AI fighting is a little better. Also of note in another review I read, Sid has said that the AI in Civ IV, for the first time in the game’s history, is not allowed to cheat. In previous Civ’s, the AI would, basically, see the whole map, all relevant resources, and would always know how many units you have in each city. Now, they only have access to the information you do (or they discover on their own). Its noticable at times, the AI attacking cities that they are certain to lose or cities that are not your weakest.

All in all, however, its a great game. I plan on playing it tomorrow for a few hours with friends after a much-needed sleep.

Dreamhost + WordPress = Fun!

So, I had that Blogger.com blog set up to upload to my own site via FTP. It was pretty sweet, I must say, but I was hankering for a more “robust” shall we say, hosting and blogging opportunity. Who knows if I’ll continue to keep typing here. I don’t know if I’m the type to do this sorta thing anyway, but either way, I have a nice hosted website with multiple options for what to do with it now.  I was up all night, almost, fiddling with stuff, but its alot of fun for a wierdo like me.
In other news, I’m hoping to help Heidi set up a few sites today. She’s got a few domains parked, so they might as well be hosted, right? I know she has some fun ones, so we’ll see if we can’t set up a blog for her or maybe something else if she’d prefer.

First week of work went well. It was tough making much billable with Mike out of town. He’s the primary source of my work and I pounded through the things that were due soon. Most of them still require his approval, so he’ll have a pile of stuff to look at when he gets back. He’s enjoying the World Championship of Poker in Vegas. Apparently he’s doing very well. I guess I’ll have to hear all about it when he gets back.

Until next time…

Sniper Bunny

Keep your head down. These are dangerous bushes.

Day One

I’ve started work. It’s not really that big a deal. I’ve worked there for almost three years now. I’m used to it. 😉 Trying to get my billable hours every day will be trying, but I’m determined to do as well as I can.

In other news, I already have free time! Whoo hoo! I’m going to play a bit with friends and… uh, not do homework. It’s crazy!