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Alvvays – 10/29/2022

They replaced the marquee before the show was over…
Dressed as ZZ Top for Halloween
Margot and Richie Tannenbaum (brings back memories),

Pumpkin Carving

May the Force be With You


Sooners vs Cornhuskers w/Dan

I don’t know how to say this, but I’m kind of a big deal.

Reserved parking

Beach Trip

Pt. Mugu

Barney Cabin 2022

The whole crew.

Take me Home…

Mountain Man
Archery, lake Olympics.
Lake O’Woods
Little Dane
A long time ago (1996, I think).

Karate w/Bustos

Tiger, rawr.
Weird Thai bar near the Echoplex…
Ka-ra-te (Karate)
More Cole’s French Dip.

Cole’s (??) French Dip

Is that a deer head?!
The lights have words…

Time for some Dodger Baseball

Yeah boi.