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From the Road

Ignacio Ignacious

So, I’m at the UCLA Medical Center getting my wrist-arthrogram on. My wrist is crazy swollen all filled with the Barium injection stuff. At least I think it’s Barium. Anyway, it’s a good time.

Sounds like there’s nothing wrong. Great. So, I guess that means it’s been on-and-off hurting for like 2 years for no reason? I guess it was virtually immovable for a week and a half for no reason too. Son of a goat. Anyway, say a little prayer for me and a healthy wrist. I gotta get this figured out. I’m too young to be this old.

Parallel Perks


Imagine, if you will, the mischievous smirk I witnessed on the face of a young woman this evening as she watched her significant other attempt to parallel park on 10th Street in Santa Monica.  She was quite amused by his ineptitude.  I laughed (and smirked myself) at her good humour.  He was not a good parallel park-er.