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July 2nd, 2006:

Bar Preparation – Are You as Tired of These Topics as I Am?

Today was church, then studying. Actually, it was studying, church, more studying, play a bit, talk to Heidi, more studying. Now, I’m obviously, writing and I will likely take a break to play a bit. So, it’s been a good day. Bright and early does it. I was up at 7:20 today, waitin around for Heidi to come and pick me up. I then studied for about an hour before iglesia, then studied for probably another four hours this afternoon. I like it. Long story short, I think I have Civil Procedure essays down. I missed one topic, forum non conveniens on the “turn in” essay.

Enough of that malarky. Lets talk about something else. Well, there isn’t anything else… I don’t think. Lets see… How about, this: Old, I know.