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Remember the Time (We Fell in Love)

I’m back. It was a long week. Study, more study and a little bit of study. Then, I played some. I’ve been watching this series on the History Channel late at night on the American Revolution. Its been pretty fascinating. It sounds like George Washington was not doing so well before the winter at Valley Forge, PA. He’d lost the Capital of Philadelphia to Howe, while another guy up North had stopped and defeated a 4000 person army along the Hudson. Anyway, its been a nice distraction from the studying, while I’m ready to doze off to sleep.

I finally got to talk to mum and pop together yesterday. It’d been a while. Sounds like they are doing well, thankfully.

As for the studying, well, I’m tackling one subject at a time, now, until the bar is over. The Barbri classes have officially ended, I just have additional studying queued until the day of the bar. So, today’s topic is “Corporations.” I did some multistate questions this morning before lunch and now I’m reading through my Corporations outline before I attempt a few Corporations essays. Late this afternoon, I’ll probably tackle another whole bar, 6 essays, and then do something different. I might try and run tonight. I’ve felt rather under the weather the last few days and haven’t gotten to go on my usual runs. I’m feeling pretty well today, so I think its a go. We’ll see.

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