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August, 2008:

Top Five – Moments in my Past Week

Top 5

5 – Being pleasantly surprised by Cuban pot roast at El Colmao.

4 – Picking out a blue shirt and a pink tie… to wear together.

3 – Learning about a friend’s second pregnancy before anyone else.

2 – Listening to Angels & Airwaves as I fall asleep.

1 – Realizing I didn’t royally screw something up after thinking for an entire weekend that I did.

Ephesians 1:3

Skate or Die 2

So, someone purchased me a wonderful skateboard for my birthday last year.  It was the first skateboard I’ve had since Tony Hawk signed mine sometime during junior year (1997) of high school and I quit riding it… cause it had a Tony Hawk signature on it!  Anyway, I had some good fun last summer cruising around on my little board.  I had some jumbo wheels and crazy-fast bearings.

My New Board

Deep inside, I wanted a longboard.  So, in a fit of desperation… while somewhat depressed about things I cannot disclose for fear of violating my ethical duties to my clients… I purchased a new longboard from Arbor Skateboards in Venice.  Local boys make good sorta dealio.  Basically, I gather this company started with a theme of “green” renewable resource boards and has now grown much larger than they expected.  As an added bonus, I got a sweet, super-soft bamboo fabric shirt.  Here’s a sweet picture of me (not really) in the shirt:


Anyway, I haven’t gotten to ride it much yet, but I have tried it out… Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a little time to play.


Night Running

I’ve been running again.  Its been about 4 or 5 years since I really ran with any regularity.  I bought some new shoes, I downloaded some new music.  It has been nice to get back into it again.  Just tonight, I ran 4 miles without stopping.  I’ve only been running about 2 months and, for me, thats not small feat.  The uphill fight back up from the “beach” in Santa Monica is tough.  Its not much of a hill, but its steady and I run the many blocks up to my home at the same pace I ran down the hill.


Anyway, something got a hold of me tonight and I just decided to take my run down to the ocean and, unusually, all along Ocean Avenue to Channel and back in Palisades Park.  The moon was the tiniest, orange sliver of a smile.  When I was a kid (OK, I lie, I did, tonight), I would have called it a “Cheshire Cat Smile” moon.  Except it was crazy, orange ish, hovering just over the Pacific Ocean.  It actually kinda looked like the cover of the new music I bought (see below), only orange.  It made me happy.  On the way back, I watched the new Santa Monica Ferris Wheel spinning and lighting.  That was nice too.  Sort of the comparison between one of my favorite God-made things with a very pretty man-made thing.  One North, one South just above Pacific Coast Highway.  I wish I had pictures of both to post, but I only had my iPod.  Anyway, I think those beautiful things helped keep me going.

Band of Horses

Now, I’m going to go downstairs and watch Venture Bros. on Adult Swim.  Woo!

Venture Bros.