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Posts from ‘July, 2006’

The (Candy) Bar!

Well, it is over. Thats one wonderful, beautiful, happy thing I can say. All-in-all, I feel pretty good about zee bar, but I can’t help but remember, even three days later, things I should have put down, for example, in the essays. I still have a fairly good feeling that I passed or likely passed, [...]

Dum dum dum…

It’s here. Say a little prayer for me. See you all in about three days.

Today, After Lunch…

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Shout

So, worked on torts today. I learned: Malicious Prosecution Instigation of Proceedings against Plaintiff Conclusion of those Proceedings with a verdict for Plaintiff Assertion of those claims for an “Improper Purpose” No “Probable Cause” for the assertion of those claims Damages (to Plaintiff) and Abuse of Process Use of process for an ulterior purpose Substantial [...]


Thats about all I have to say about that.

Weezer – Make Believe – Peace

All these problems on my mind Make it hard for me to think There is no way I can stop My poor brain is gonna’ pop And I don’t have a purpose Scattered on the surface I need to find some peace And all the broken tethers We can bring together I need to find [...]

Remember the Time (We Fell in Love)

I’m back. It was a long week. Study, more study and a little bit of study. Then, I played some. I’ve been watching this series on the History Channel late at night on the American Revolution. Its been pretty fascinating. It sounds like George Washington was not doing so well before the winter at Valley [...]

Bar Preparation – Are You as Tired of These Topics as I Am?

Today was church, then studying. Actually, it was studying, church, more studying, play a bit, talk to Heidi, more studying. Now, I’m obviously, writing and I will likely take a break to play a bit. So, it’s been a good day. Bright and early does it. I was up at 7:20 today, waitin around for [...]

Canon in D – Con Carne

Saw this some time ago, figured I’d share it. Have a look, if you care.