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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Top Five – Moments in my Past Week

5 – Being pleasantly surprised by Cuban pot roast at El Colmao. 4 – Picking out a blue shirt and a pink tie… to wear together. 3 – Learning about a friend’s second pregnancy before anyone else. 2 – Listening to Angels & Airwaves as I fall asleep. 1 – Realizing I didn’t royally screw [...]

Skate or Die 2

So, someone purchased me a wonderful skateboard for my birthday last year.  It was the first skateboard I’ve had since Tony Hawk signed mine sometime during junior year (1997) of high school and I quit riding it… cause it had a Tony Hawk signature on it!  Anyway, I had some good fun last summer cruising [...]

Night Running

I’ve been running again.  Its been about 4 or 5 years since I really ran with any regularity.  I bought some new shoes, I downloaded some new music.  It has been nice to get back into it again.  Just tonight, I ran 4 miles without stopping.  I’ve only been running about 2 months and, for [...]