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I just wanted an excuse to use this picture.  I’ll probably write a real post at some point with it.


Sailing… take me away… or something

I had a nice sailing trip on Saturday.  My small album may be found below.  I love my iPhone.

I feel like Long Beach is a cool area and I’ve only been about twice since I’ve lived here.  Its high-time I went down there a bit more.  I miss the aquarium and I’ve never been to the Queen Mary or the Spruce Goose.  Yet, I sailed right past them both on Saturday.  I saw some wedding pictures from the Queen Mary once and they were great.

In other news, while I was sailing:

In other news...

Venture Bros.

Venture Bros.

Am I the only one who likes this show?  One of my roommates suggests that its funny, but doesn’t really go out of his way to watch.  Another downright mocks me for being 29 (nearly) and watching a “cartoon.”  Well, I think its great.  I’d like to teach the world to … like Venture Bros.  Anyway, the new season has started, finally!  I’m so excited (for it to come out on DVD, of course).

While raving about this show, I happened to find this blog.  Its the LiveJournal page of Jackson Publick, one of the co-writers of the show.  I’m distinctly of the opinion that that name is, obviously, not his real name.  Nonetheless, I’ve used the blog to follow the production of the third season.  Its been kinda cool.

Super Mario


This is at some store in the Westside Pavillion.

Haris Pilton

Thats hawt.

Haris Pilton

The Wii

I’d like to write, and probably will once the console comes out, a description of my feelings about the Wii. In some ways… its beautiful and elegant. In other ways, its clunky, misguided and frustrating.

Wii Launch Date Graphic

I read an article today. He sums up, very well, my current feelings of excitement and frustration. Perhaps I’ll take the time once the Wii comes out to sum up my feelings for myself. 😉 In the meantime, its a great read.

Civilization IV

This game is awesome. Civilization IV, the fourth of this name by Sid Meier, is better in every way from Civilization III. I didn’t pick up Civ III until almost a year after it came out. Even then it felt, as one review I read, complicated. Sure, you say, every Civilization game has to be complicated. However, when the complication gets in the way of having a good time playing the game, then its not fun complicated, its just complicated complicated.


The Hanging Garden


Civilization IV appears to be much more streamlined. The workers appear to be more intelligent (if you set the don’t tear up my prior improvements box) and and the AI fighting is a little better. Also of note in another review I read, Sid has said that the AI in Civ IV, for the first time in the game’s history, is not allowed to cheat. In previous Civ’s, the AI would, basically, see the whole map, all relevant resources, and would always know how many units you have in each city. Now, they only have access to the information you do (or they discover on their own). Its noticable at times, the AI attacking cities that they are certain to lose or cities that are not your weakest.

All in all, however, its a great game. I plan on playing it tomorrow for a few hours with friends after a much-needed sleep.

Sniper Bunny

Keep your head down. These are dangerous bushes.

Today, After Lunch…


Thats about all I have to say about that.