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Look Away Part Deux

Okay, so I was a bit premature in my posting.  I’d not quite finished the last chapter.  I was literally four pages away from the following: How wicked it would be, if we could, to call the dead back!  She said not to me but to the chaplain, ‘I am at peace with God.’ She [...]

Look Away (Into Heaven Fair)

I sang that song as a baritone (long before I really was a baritone) in 5th grade music class.  Ahhh, Ms. Patello.  She was a lovely woman.  I’m glad she was my teacher.  Apparently, after looking around on the Internets a bit for some lyrics or other tidbit about this song, I am one of [...]

What have I learned?

I have been wondering about this.  Perhaps its a bit morbid, but I think it may be a good exercise. To think about others. To loosen up a bit. That you can love and be life-long friends with someone who is not for you. That one should avoid those who are emotionally unstable. That a [...]

I’ll be safe

I decided to remove the last post.  I’m happy with it, but I think it is probably best left unsaid.

I want to post something… but I can’t.

Just know… “The opposite of sin is not virtue, but faith.”