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Posts from ‘June, 2006’

Bar Preparation – More PR

Well, I needed a break today. So, I fell asleep for about an hour in my room. Unfortunately, its about 80 degress in here or was, anyway. So, I woke up shortly from being hot. So, I set to work on Professional Responsibility again. We typically get two days per topic of out-of-class work. So, [...]

Bar Preparation – Professional Responsibility

Today I began work (well really last night) on professional responsibility review for the California Bar Exam. For those who don’t know, I will be taking the bar on July 25-27th in Ontario. Oh, its great fun. Its, allegedly, one of the toughest two bars in the country, second (or first, depending on who you [...]

E3 2005 – New Game Consoles

The new consoles have been unveiled. There is much praise and adoration to go around. The Playstation 3 has its press-release just hours before the “official” and previously-announced press-release of the Xbox 360. First of all, this is an obvious ploy to help dampen the hooplah around the display of their chief competition which will [...]